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Access Control

Access software launch

WIN-PAK XE (Xpress Edition) access control software has been launched by Honeywell as the latest addition to the company’s WIN-PAK access software family. The manufacturers say the product is suitable for businesses that require access control only through a single workstation.  Installers the firm says have software for all of their customers’ security needs. 



WIN-PAK XE supports multiple Honeywell access hardware and reader technologies from a single user interface. The system  supports up to 30,000 doors and an unlimited number of cards without extra license fees. To install you use wizards, which provide a step-by-step guide through basic installation and programming.


When upgraded to WIN-PAK SE (Standard Edition) or WIN-PAK PE (Professional Edition) access control software, the system can provide integrated access control, video and intrusion, suitable it is claimed for growing businesses expanding their operations and facilities. The system supports NetAXS-123 and NetAXS-4 access  panels.


WIN-PAK XE is also compatible with legacy Honeywell NStar NS2 panels. Product manager René von Franquemont, Honeywell Security Group says: “One of  the main advantages of WIN-PAK over the years has been its ability to grow with businesses as their needs change, and WIN-PAK XE is part of that strategy. Organisations should have the flexibility to start with an access control only solution and upgrade it with video and intrusion capabilities as their businesses grow. WIN-PAK XE is a great choice for small and medium enterprises that are looking ahead.”


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