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Access Control

Access management software

The access security manufacturer TDSi has launched its new GARDiS Access Management software. It’s available for free download to registered users, from the TDSi website.

The GARDiS Access Management Software is a new user-friendly solution which improves secured accessibility. It offers ease of installation and features a user-friendly interface that has been developed specifically to accommodate many varied users, from security installers to IT managers.

John Davies, Managing Director of TDSi said: “The launch of our GARDiS software is only just the introduction to our exciting new GARDiS range. The software will be followed by a complete selection of GARDiS hardware products, all of which are designed to fully integrate with the latest in Cloud-hosted security solutions.

“We believe the GARDiS range will be a significant game-changer in the way security systems are installed and operated. With rapid and simple deployment and the provision of a stringent security solution, it also provides the perfect Security as a Service (SaaS) model, which will transform the way the industry operates in the future.”

The GARDiS range has been developed the Poole-based firm says with customer feedback, which requested a simple to use platform. The firm says that the range is also designed to be easy to install and maintain, which also benefits installers. The user interface has been designed to minimise confusion, it’s claimed, for anyone can install it and use its features.

GARDiS is also supported by an intuitive help system that stores and presents short video demos. These demonstrate how to perform tasks from a user’s point of view, to minimalise the time spent contacting customer support. The software offers, the developers say:

· A single installation with simplified system set-up and registration
· A full web-based application with flexible but totally secure access
· Software as a Service benefits (reducing capital costs and aiding budgeting)
· Minimal training (intuitive to use)
· Reduced overall costs in relation to the man-hours and equipment required; and
· Delivery of full security insight

To download the new GARDiS software, or to register for access visit


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