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Access Control

Access control readers

The electronic security product distributor Norbain is offering TDSi’s access control readers. Readers are an essential part of most secure access control systems, and TDSi have been extensively talking to their customers, end-users and partners to ascertain what would best suit needs, the distributor says.

As well as using the latest technology the feedback revealed that often more basic elements, such as the shape and size of the reader are of high importance. Also highlighted was the need for straightforward installation and the ability to be easily operated by a wide variety of users, while being impervious to heavy use, weather and climate conditions.

MIFARE Plus compatibility was highlighted as a central component in the development of the new readers. MIFARE Plus and DESFire provide the developers say even higher levels of security, whilst maintaining the flexibility and affordability which made the original MIFARE technology so popular. The product firm points to research suggesting that installing/upgrading and using the MIFARE Plus and DESFire readers can cut the threat from cloned cards by half. For a small difference in cost, the customer can achieve the peace of mind of a more secure platform, it is claimed.

With backwards compatibility and several variant combinations, the new readers also ensure previous card reading investments are not made redundant by an upgrade and are suitable for all applications. This also offers the option to operate different types of cards on the same network, continuing the use of existing cards where appropriate, until a full upgrade is ready to be implemented.

About the firm

As well as being an authorised distributor of over 90 electronic security brands, Norbain is also the home of Vista, the range of CCTV equipment. Based in Reading, Berkshire, the company operates throughout the UK at its distribution and service centres in Ashton and Blackpool.


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