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Access control edition

Genetec has announced Security Center Synergis SaaS edition. This new edition will offer access control. Synergis SaaS edition removes the need to purchase and install on-premises servers, the developers say, allowing a site’s IT staff to focus on other business-critical projects. Synergis SaaS edition is expected to be available in November 2017, and was demonstrated at the ASIS 2017 exhibition in Dallas last month.

Synergis is the access control part of Genetec Security Center, that the Canadian firm describes as an open-architecture, IP security platform that combines video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. All Synergis access control software editions integrate with a access control hardware from other manufacturers.

The developers say that the Synergis SaaS edition will give customers the flexibility to adjust their system usage as their needs change, reducing budget requirements for access control capital expenditures. Customers will also be able to deploy their access control system, and benefit from automated update notifications. Multi-site organizations will be able to centrally manage their access control systems more efficiently.

Derek Arcuri, Product Marketing Manager for Access Control, Genetec Inc said: “When we introduced Synergis Cloud Link a few years ago, our forward-looking strategy was to offer a future-proof gateway appliance that is cloud-ready. Today, we take great pride in announcing Synergis SaaS edition, which will allow customers to leverage all the benefits of Access Control as a service (ACaaS), as they renew their legacy access control systems, while retaining elements of their existing infrastructure.”

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