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Access Control

Abloy at IFSEC

Abloy UK will be conducting live demonstrations of its ABLOY CLIQ remote electro-mechanical security product, pictured, at this year’s IFSEC, at the NEC from May 14 to 17. Winner in the access control product of the year category at last year’s IFSEC awards, ABLOY CLIQ Remote also won at this year’s CTSS awards in the Access Control, ID and Biometrics category.



ABLOY CLIQ Remote uses web-based software allowing users to have keys remotely authorised for use in specific operational areas within the masterkey system for a pre-determined time.  This ensures the makers say key control incorporating flexibility to ensure access in the event of an emergency to nominated key holders.  Abloy CLIQ Remote provides comprehensive audit trails and the ability to remove lost or stolen Abloy CLIQ Remote keys from the system, thereby providing tight key management at all times.


The ABLOY CLIQ Remote system can be set up so that user keys need to be validated on a daily basis, which means that should a key be lost or stolen the locks that are operated by this key are only vulnerable for a short time period. This removes the need, and the cost implications involved, to replace locks on a standard mechanical system as a lost key will operate many keyed alike locks for a given area. ABLOY CLIQ Remote operates from a key receiving access rights and/or time validations through a wall programming unit or a personal programming unit connected to a mobile phone that can transfer schedules and authorisations for user keys.


Abloy’s Academy Director, Pat Jeffries is speaking about “A Guide to Standards for Access Control” on the Tuesday, May 15. 


Jon Burke, Marketing Manager for Abloy UK, said: “IFSEC is the world’s leading annual security event, making it the perfect platform to exhibit our award winning ABLOY CLIQ Remote, with the scale of the event also giving us the opportunity to educate visitors on industry standards. The success of ABLOY CLIQ Remote comes as we look to a product specific micro site alongside a dedicated ABLOY CLIQ Remote section of the new Abloy App.”


For further information, visit Stand C50 in Hall 4 or log onto  Also, the Abloy App is available to download on iPhone, iPad and Android. Simply visit:  


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