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Train station video

Sony is to install video security to cover stations operated by Tokyo’s New Transit Waterfront Line – the Yurikamome Line.

The project, due to be completed in January 2016, will see over 200 Sony HD-capable network cameras installed throughout the 16 train stations on the line, managed from a customised Sony-built central monitoring station.

Sony reports that its cameras have View-DR technology, which combines multiple images taken at different exposures to provide a final clear image. When this is combined with Sony’s dynamic light response and image stabilising technologies, quality images are delivered, even under shifting light and weather it is claimed, such as glare from the sun, overcast days, and even at night. Ryan Kawashima, Strategic Marketing Manager for Video Security, Sony Europe said: “The transport sector is a key focus for Sony and we are delighted to have been selected to equip all of the stations operated by Tokyo’s New Transit Waterfront Line with our HD video security cameras. We trust that these discreet cameras will help to ensure that travellers on the Yurikamome Line travel in safety at every point in their journey.”

The upgraded video security is in response to renewed commercial investment in the Tokyo Waterfront area in recent years, which has made the area busoer. As one of the main transport lines for this area, the number of travellers using the Yurikamome Line is expected to grow. Installed in stations were:

• HD Network Cameras: 202 units
• Box cameras: 94 units
• Dome cameras: 64 units; and
• PTZ cameras: 44 units.

Central Administration Building
• Monitoring system.


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