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Traffic management

Hanwha Techwin has added to its traffic management products with serverless ANPR. Camera-to-camera IP communications enables up to four Wisenet ANPR cameras, (one master camera and three slaves), to simultaneously capture and transmit data to a user interface.

The product firm says this ANPR solution is with 95 per cent accuracy able to capture the number plates of vehicles moving at up to 50 km/h and is designed to offer an edge-based solution for car parks, petrol stations and small residential estates with multiple entrances/exits, barriers or roadways.

The serverless ANPR cameras let the user automatically control the movement of up to 1000 white-listed cars through barriers via camera relay outputs, as well as provide car park management data, such as ‘time spent’ and occupancy rates, without the cost of installing and running the application on a server.
An API is available to system integrators so the ANPR solution can be integrated with third-party software.

A range of ANPR based traffic management solutions have been developed by Hanwha Techwin with analytics company FF Group. Besides the serverless and single site ANPR camera products, the range includes a number plate server for large site management and cloud-based options for multiple sites.

Uri Guterman, Head of Product and Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe said: “Collectively, these ANPR solutions provide car park access control for business applications, as well as large scale city wide based systems which help local authorities keep people safe, enforce parking regulations and detect other traffic infringements. The key benefit of the deep integration of FF Group’s analytics with our Wisenet cameras is that users can deploy a highly effective ANPR solution without having to evaluate the myriad of specialist analytics solutions on the market.”



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