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Port report

Maritime trade continues to be critical to the movement of goods, with about 90pc of global trade (by volume) being carried out by the shipping industry. Safe and secure transportation of goods remains a government priority globally to ensure economic stability and growth. Investment to protect goods in transit, including from land to sea, at port sites is thus critical. A large number of new port developments globally will drive high spending in these areas, as technology upgrades continue to be made in established and large ports.

Port security is not a new concern, and there is a legacy security infrastructure in place. However, with the digital transformation of industries and the growing automation of processes, there is now a need for more robust security. Cybersecurity has become a growing threat, with high-profile breaches occurring in the last few years. Ensuring the security of operational networks is a priority. In addition to physical security, more intelligent security systems are required. A focus on improving screening and detection to detect the illicit movements of goods and people will be another key priority for governments globally over the next five years. The growing adoption of the Internet of Things in ports will be a key driver for the adoption of more stringent port security.

So says the research firm Frost & Sullivan, in their global port security market forecast to 2023, sub-titled; ‘Digital Transformation across Port Operations Disrupting Security Requirements’. For a summary visit


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