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Piracy Saturday

Sea piracy is the number one maritime security issue today and costs the maritime Industry at least $10 billion a year – probably a lot more, when ransom payments, extra security measures, higher insurance premiums, modified ship design and longer voyages to avoid the danger areas are all taken into account. So say organisers of a course at the Greenwich Maritime Institute (GMI), at the University of Greenwich



Speakers on Saturday, June 16 include Prof Chris Bellamy, Director GMI; Professor of Maritime Security Dr Christian Bueger of the University of Cardiff, former Leverhulme Research Fellow; and Peter Cook, founder, Security Association for the Maritime industry (SAMI). 


The course briefly explores the historical precedents and antecedents and then focuses on the causes and origins of modern sea piracy and its vortices in the Malacca Strait, Gulf of Guinea and especially the Indian Ocean . It looks at the legal and practical problems of deterring and countering piracy and the interaction of public and private agencies in so doing, before concluding with a look at the prospects. Visit


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