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MP has bike marked

The Lib Dem MP Don Foster has had his own bike marked and registered on a cycle database. Local resident Andrew Knights, Managing Director of BikeRegister, carried out the marking at Don’s constituency office on Friday, March 28.

In the event that Don’s bike is lost or stolen and later recovered by police it is now traceable back to him via the secure BikeRegister database (

BikeRegister is a UK online bicycle identification and registration initiative aiming to reduce cycle theft, identify stolen bikes and assist in owner recovery and is used by every UK police force.

More than 63,000 bicycles in the UK have been added on the register in the last 12 months; and the system has helped the Metropolitan Police reduce bike theft by 10.5 per cent between October 2012 and September 2013, despite a significant increase in cycle usage across the capital.

Registration is free and cyclists are encouraged to protect their bikes further with a permanent visible etch and/or microdots, as not all frame numbers are unique.

Recently with the development of online auction and sale sites, BikeRegister’s free BikeChecker facility on the website has become a resource in allowing cyclists to check the details of bikes they are considering purchasing to see if there is a record of it having been stolen. A search is carried out on average every four minutes on the database.

Don said: “Cycling is a growth industry, but unfortunately so is bike theft. Marking your bike makes it much less attractive to would-be thieves. Police regularly recover bikes that have been stolen and if they are registered to BikeRegister they can quickly establish who the bike belongs to and return it to the rightful owner.”

About BikeRegister

It’s operated by Selectamark Security Systems plc, the security marking product company. Website:


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