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Motorcycle Show

Police will have a stand at the MCN Carole Nash Motorcycle Show at the ExCel Exhibition Centre, from Friday, February 15, to Sunday, February 17.

The Met Police’s Operation Venice officers, who tackle scooter, moped and motorcycle crime will be there to talk about how visitors can better protect their vehicles and what the Met is doing to tackle scooter, moped and motorcycle enabled crime. They will also be promoting the Met’s ‘Be Safe’ campaign and showing the ‘invisibility cloak’ crime prevention video. Also on display will be one of the Met’s BMW slimline motorcycles. A representative from Secured by Design – the national police crime prevention initiative – will be able to assist with advice on crime prevention and on security products.

In many cases, say police, owners have inadequate security or no security at all on their scooters, making it easy for thieves to steal them and then use them to commit snatch and robbery offences. Security measures alone cannot guarantee two-wheeled vehicles will not be stolen, but every step taken makes them less attractive to a thief – vehicle owners are reminded to lock, chain and cover their bikes, police add.

In June 2017, the Met launched the ‘Be Safe’ campaign, which raises awareness with riders of what they can do to reduce the risk of their vehicle being stolen, their focus primarily on scooter riders, who are less likely to use strong security products. Since then, there has been a continued marketing campaign.

Chief Inspector Jim Corbett, Operation Venice, said: “We are very excited to be here for the second year running at this renowned motorcycle show so we can meet with as many motorcycle enthusiasts and riders as possible. The Met has been committed to tackling the issue of thefts of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles and their use in other crimes – and we encourage people to work with us and continue to follow our advice about properly securing their vehicles to reduce the risk of theft.

“If you are coming to the show, please stop by our stand where we will have information on crime prevention and the work we have been doing to bring down moped related crime. Remember, the more visible the security, the less visible your scooter is to thieves: adding extra security makes it harder for them to steal – Lock, Chain, Cover.”

Andy Calton, Editor of MCN, said: “Motorcycle theft is a key issue for bikers around the country, particularly for those who regularly ride in and around London. We’re very pleased to have the Operation Venice team return to the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show this year, where they will again be chatting to riders and giving out advice to help limit the risk of theft.”

The Met advises:

– Parking: Choose designated parking with a stand and security loop, or if this is not available try areas with lots of people, good lighting and CCTV.

– Locks: Use more than one lock, focusing on disc locks and chain locks, fitted tight to the bike and through difficult-to-remove parts.

– Time: When leaving your bike for a long period or overnight, lock it to something secure and use a motorbike cover. At home consider using fitted anchors to secure your bike.

– Attention: Use audible alarms where possible to draw unwanted attention to the thieves.

– Marking: Choose to mark your bike parts with the vehicle identification number (VIN) number, your postcode or registration number using an ultraviolet marker pen or property marking kit.

– Insurance: Some companies will offer discounts on your insurance if you invest in certain security measures, so ask before you make your purchase.


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