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Mobile vehicles and officers

MOSY, a provider of mobile technology for police vehicles and officers, is making its technology available to UK forces after uptake in the CEE (Central and Eastern European) region.

The company exhibited its police smart car at this year’s Security and Policing Home Office exhibition in Farnborough in March; and announced that it was entering the UK market this year.

MOSY says it’s offering technology which is both more complex and advanced than similar offerings and can be integrated into any police IT platform. As an “end-to-end solution,” MOSY allows forces to introduce up-to-date technology to meet new and future law enforcement requirements, while also delivering efficiencies that contribute to better policing, according to the firm.

As most police forces are well aware, integrating new technologies into a police car can be difficult. MOSY has developed one single platform capable of featuring a range of functions for police vehicles and mobile officers. It claims to be easy and secure to integrate and connects to both the command centre and to any police database.

First introduced by the Slovakian police force in 2012, MOSY is a division of Soitron, an IT companies in central and Eastern Europe. After equipping thousands of police cars in Slovakia, in 2015 MOSY started to develop products to serve wider police forces.

Among its features, the product enables officers to simplify routine processes through tools that help save time, minimise paper work and improve collaboration and information sharing within forces. It can also be tailored to fit any department’s requirements, it is claimed, and can work on its own or in addition to already existing technologies.

Delivered through software and hardware equipment designed specifically for police forces, MOSY provides officers with 20 intelligent modules. This includes tools such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), video recording, access to police databases and systems, ID card readings, and incident and fine management.

MOSY has already been tested with the Slovakian police force and has exceeded all expectations, according to the product company. As an example, through MOSY technology, the Slovak police force was able to increase the recovery of stolen cars by 8 per cent.

Jan Gero, director of MOSY, said, “We are always looking for the advantage in fighting crime. Today’s criminals are using increasingly complex technology and to combat this, modern police forces need to turn to mobile solutions to assist them. MOSY has the ability to ensure police officers are more efficient and that they can spend more time fighting crime and less time on time-consuming administration.”



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