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Mimoto Parking access

In 2004, Spain allowed car drivers with three years of experience to switch to motorbikes with capacity up to 125cc. That ability to avoid congestion promoted fast growth in motorcycle use. It created a problem for users – where to park their motorbikes. Unattended motorbikes are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Similarly, city councils are cracking down on illegally parked motorbikes that obstruct access, and are removing them from pavements.

Hence Alicante-based motorcyclist, Alejandro Martin, created Mimoto Parking, with two other biking friends. As the company’s managing director, he takes up the story: ‘We want our customers to be able to keep their motorbikes secure and avoid the fines associated with illegal parking. By creating conveniently located facilities that can be accessed at street level, without the need to negotiate dangerous ramps, we have reinvented the parking concept. We offer a revolutionary service where owners can safely park and also store belongings such as helmets, jackets and gloves in lockers. Users can access our parking lots on a 24/7 basis and go about their business without worrying about their motorbike’s security.’

Although it only operates a few sites, such is the response that Mimoto Parking has plans to operate over 40 facilities by 2021; and is looking to attract funding from interested parties.

By registering online for free, a user is sent a six digit personal and non-transferable access code to obtain a parking space. They then identify the facility that is most convenient, key in the six-digit code via a keypad when they arrive, and enter and park. Using a ‘pay as you go’ concept, on leaving users re-enter the same six digit code at which point Mimoto charges them for the duration of their stay. Each facility is remotely monitored at all times via Ralset’s alarm receiving centre (ARC) and an intercom system offers users assistance when they need it.

Alejandro Martin says: ‘When developing Mimoto Parking we knew that our success would hinge on our ability to implement access control and intrusion detection technology that could not only guarantee the highest levels of security but also be intuitive, straightforward to roll-out across multiple sites, and be as reliable as possible. To find out more about what we could do, we invited leading security integrator and PACOM approved partner, Cettec Seguridad, to come in and hear about our requirements.’

Cettec Seguridad configured a solution based around the PACOM 8002 integrated access and alarm controller. The 8002 supports auto-discovery of peripheral devices at installation. Each door can be configured to operate via card only, PIN only, or card and PIN, with access schedules providing extra control. Doors and alarm points can be partitioned into areas of security and controlled by multiple keypads.

The 8002 system would have to integrate with Mimoto Parking’s mobile app and allow the ARC to monitor events. Alfonso Lorenzo Robledano, business development director for Southern Europe at PACOM, says: ‘Cettec Seguridad asked us to make some adaptations to the PACOM Graphical Management System (GMS), which is based on a data communications platform that successfully integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance and many other building services into a single, remotely accessible system. PACOM’s technical experts were able to modify the software’s algorithms and design new schematics to meet Mimoto Parking’s exact requirements and, in addition, deliver uninterrupted system operation, intelligent self-testing and multiple back-ups.’

As well as allowing customers to speak with personnel at the ARC, the modified PACOM GMS can also manage the parking occupancy status at each site. Signs can be operated to indicate availability and the system can be remotely re-set when necessary. This means that new technologies can simply be added to as they are developed, offering Mimoto Parking the ability to further develop the system as required and future proof its investment.

PACOM and Cettec Seguridad collaborated to ensure that the system can be rolled out across any new sites. Each system controls one entry and one exit door using a single controller and keypad, which means minimal wiring and allows minor adjustments to be made as necessary.

At Mimoto, Alejandro Martin adds: ‘Our ability to keep customers’ motorbikes secure is fundamental to our success and therefore we needed to be 100 per cent confident that the technology we installed was able to meet this objective. PACOM’s experts were a pleasure to deal with and as keen as we were to optimise our entire security and access control infrastructure. I’m looking forward to working together in the future as we expand Mimoto Parking and introduce new sites to our portfolio.’



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