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Maritime ceremony

About half of the shipping companies who took part in a maritime security survey carried out by the contract company GoAGT would only employ ISO/PAS 28007 certified companies.

The maritime security company, which achieved this certification earlier in March and received the certificate recently, surveyed its clients about the value of professional standards such as the forthcoming ISO/PAS 28007 in the decision to use a private maritime security company (PMSC). Results indicated that nearly fifty percent of the organisations that responded think that ISO/PAS 28007 is an important factor when selecting a PMSC. The survey also indicated that quality of service ranked first among the key factors considered by shipping companies for selecting a PMSC, followed by reputation and price.

Gerry Northwood OBE, COO of GoAGT, said: “While it is quite right that price is still an important factor when selecting a PMSC, it is good to see the industry is complementing this with a focus on quality of service. ISO/PAS 28007 will become more relevant in the future as it can only guarantee a more professional and regulated industry base. International standards should be broadly adopted, especially at an EU level, where there are plenty of national regulations. With ISO/PAS 28007, we have an international standard and Flag States should recognise this in order to sift the good from the bad, and to reduce the cost to the shipping companies.”

Pictured is Nick Davis, CEO of GoAGT, receiving ISO PAS 28007 certificate at LRQA UK. Visit


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