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Liquid detection

Rapiscan Systems Inc., a US-based supplier of security inspection products, announced that its 620DV (Dual View) baggage scanner has passed the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) common evaluation process (CEP) Standard 2 threat detection test for liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS).  



Using software, the product classifies liquids in scanned carry-ons as potential threats or benign. According to the manufacturers, this frees passengers from having to remove liquids from luggage at checkpoints. By providing two perpendicular views, according to Rapiscan, the 620DV delivers a more complete perspective of scanned items, allowing airport screeners to better identify potential threats, including liquid explosive and other improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Ajay Mehra, President, Rapiscan Systems, says: “More than ever, airports need a complete and cost effective screening solution that can not only detect conventional explosive threats but also differentiate between threatening and benign liquids. Rapiscan’s 620DV is the ideal solution for airports, airlines and regulators across the globe striving to meet the challenges posed by liquids in carry-ons; the 620DV provides an affordable, high-performance security solution that meets the regulatory requirements of today and emerging measures in the future.” 


The product has been approved for use by the UK’s Department for Transport and the US Transportation Security Administration for aviation checkpoint screening and air cargo screening. It can also be used for military checkpoints, customs inspection and protection of national infrastructure. 


About Rapiscan Systems


Rapiscan Systems, Inc., a division of OSI Systems, Inc. is a supplier of security inspection products using X-ray and gamma-ray imaging, and threat identification techniques such as neutron and diffraction analysis. The company’s products are sold into four market segments; Baggage and Parcel Inspection, Cargo and Vehicle Inspection, Hold Baggage Screening and People Screening. The company has an installed base globally of more than 70,000 security and inspection systems. The Rapiscan Systems product line is manufactured at four locations.  For additional information, visit


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