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Latest advice on vehicle security

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Whilst cars are constantly becoming more sophisticated, the threat of criminals and the tactics they utilise are evolving as well. The number of theft offences recorded in England and Wales has Increased By Around 60% Since 2013, with Scottish Police also recently issuing advice on vehicle security. So, what are the most effective methods for keeping your mode of transport secure?


Car keys aren’t enough

It goes without saying that you should always lock your car, but the RAC suggests that shouldn’t only rely on your keys. This is because some criminals can use jamming devices to disrupt the signal between a key fob and a vehicle, whilst basic locks can still be picked. Moreover, it’s worth noting that simply double-checking your car doors after using your keys can sometimes help you detect nearby jammers, so even with keys you should be alert to this danger.


What can boost vehicle security?

New Devices

No matter how modern your car may seem, it’s always a good idea to research the latest technology for keeping vehicles safe. For instance, car alarm products can bolster the effectiveness of an immobiliser (a must if your car didn’t come fitted with one) and even reduce your insurance premiums. New items such as the TX-100 offer compact alarm systems and may be essential if you frequently park your vehicle in unsafe areas.  In addition, tracking devices can significantly reduce the risk of a successful car theft.



In the age of remote working, many of us are leaving our cars in the same spaces for far longer than usual. Thus, if your vehicle is on private property, it could be worth setting up a security camera to monitor your car. These are also an affordable home security solution, which could be effective for monitoring your premises (where your car keys are located) as well as your vehicle itself.


Taking Care

Above all else, many aspects of vehicle security rely on simple precautions. Choosing a safer place to park, hiding valuables, ensuring your keys are somewhere secure, and keeping vehicle documents at home can all lower the risk and damage of a potential theft. Simple changes such as these can often be just as effective at boosting your vehicle security.


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