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HD on trains

The train operator Hull Trains is having high definition video monitoring installed on its locomotives and carriages. It was part of a phased upgrade of the train fleet; engineering work was carried out by Atkins Rail, the UK rail design and engineering consultancy, commissioned by Angels Trains, owners of the Class 180 Adelante fleet operated by Hull Trains.

After a trial on one of Hull Train’s Class 180’s and its five carriages, Wisenet 2MP SNV-6012M compact flat cameras and 5MP SNF-8010VM 360 degree cameras, from manufacturer Hanwha Techwin, will now be installed in up to 70 train carriages. A forward facing SNV-6012M, which utilises Wisenet’s Motion Artifact Reduction technology to ensure there is no motion blur, will be installed at the front of each diesel unit.

Paul Wood, Fleet Manager at Hull Trains, pictured, said: “Railway related accidents are extremely rare, but we have worked very closely with Angel Trains, Atkins Rail and Hanwha Techwin Europe, to ensure that the mobile video monitoring systems are able to help us keep our passengers safe and that anyone tempted to get involved with anti-social behaviour will be deterred from doing so. We will certainly be putting the cameras to good use. The HD SNV-6012Ms installed at the front of the Class 180 units will help us to investigate any signaling irregularities as well as safety of the line incidents such as trespass etc.

“We have an absolute zero tolerance towards any abuse of our staff. The images captured by the cameras installed in the carriages will allow us to gather evidence that can be used in prosecuting anyone committing any acts of violence or vandalism.”

Both camera models are vandal resistant and are conformant to the EN-50121-3-2, EN-50121-4, EN-50155, EN-61373 and EN-609050-1 European standards. As such, they have been certificated as electromagnetically safe for use on trains and, with a rugged M12 connector, are able to withstand vibrations, making them suited the makers say for use on trains where they can be used internally to monitor passenger activity or externally, to monitor the track ahead to provide video evidence of any incident.

Both the Wisenet SNF-8010VM and SNV-6012M mobile cameras offer a Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) feature which negates the effects of vibration. This can the makers say reduce the rolling shutter effects such as image wobbling or skew that can be seen in quality images. The SNV-6012M also features a de-fog feature which improves the clarity of images captured in poor weather conditions, such as rain, smoke or fog,

Recording is onto Wisenet SRM-872 network video recorders. Developed in response to a demand from the transport sector for IP network based products, the SRM-872 network recorders enable Hull Trains’ safety and security personnel to review latency free, high definition images of fast moving objects when an emergency or incident needs to be investigated. It achieves this by recording the images captured by the cameras at 60 frames per second through a recording bandwidth of 64Mbts.

Built-in GPS allows for location data to be recorded and the SRM-872s also come with hot-swappable 2.5-inch HDDs that can be removed for backing up of video evidence.

Live images

Paul Wood added: “Following on from the successful completion of the installation of the cameras and recorders, we will be looking in the near future to conduct trials of iCam 4G technology with a view to be able to transmit live images from each of the SNV-6012M cameras located at the front of the locomotives to our central control room. The objective will be to allow our operators to take advantage of the high quality images captured by the Samsung Wisenet cameras, to gain an immediate understanding of what may be occurring and take appropriate action, such as calling on the relevant emergency services.”

About Hanwha Techwin

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