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GPS tracking

Rewire Security has updated their GPS tracking platform. The company has added smartphone tracking apps, personal GPS trackers and fleet tracking devices as a way of managing your business virtually.

Rewire Security, which specialises in GPS tracking devices, says that GPS tracking has gone from being a reserve of selected corporate businesses to a necessity in all establishments with valuables. The company deals with various security devices including body-worn cameras, vehicle CCTV cameras, fleet GPS trackers, personal GPS trackers and alarms.

Bilen Saribardak, Rewire Security Directing Manager, said: “The possibilities are endless. GPS technology is moving fast to enable us to keep track of everything that matters to us. With the current innovations, it has become much easier and affordable for individuals to install tracking systems in their vehicles. And I do not just mean the location, but they will receive telematics data and detailed usage reports as well. The future of GPS started yesterday.”

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In the past, GPS tracking was only available to corporate business alone, due to price. But it has become much more affordable, the firm says. According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, insurance fraud has reduced drastically with the introduction of vehicle CCTV cameras; that are one of Rewire’s main products.

As for fleet management, GPS tracking helps managers know where each vehicle is at any time and provides driver behaviour reports, speed and braking alerts and fuel level of vehicles as well as the ability to immobilise a vehicle remotely in case of theft.

Bilen Saribardak adds: “The manager or owner of the car is able to locate wherever it is, and tell whether the driver behaved accordingly and used the required shorter routes. Installation of GPS trackers increases productivity among the fleet drivers.”

Companies can save money from fictitious bonuses in extra hours. In the past, fleet drivers have been known to manipulate their wages by deliberately getting stuck in traffic. Installing trackers gives the manager visibility on the routes used, preventing the misuse of company assets.

The company caters for the residential and commercial markets. Their body-worn cameras have applications with private security bodyguards, makers of short videos, stunt performers, and vloggers alike. Visit and


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