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Busway install

The Luton-Dunstable Guided Busway was opened in September 2013 by the then transport minister Norman Baker. We mentioned it in our September 2012 issue, as part of the report on Luton Borough Council’s use of Wavesight wireless transmission for the town hall-based local government CCTV. Here’s an update from the installers of the electronic security along the Busway.

A fleet of special buses are kept separate from other traffic on the six-mile route and run on a concrete guideway, but when needed, can travel on normal roads. The Busway, which has taken 20 years of work from the original planning stage, was designed to bring opportunities to deprived areas, and reduce congestion on roads; thus speeding up journey times and reducing traffic pollution. The requirement for Secure Engineering was to supply and install CCTV and intercom help points at the eight bus shelters and eight key access points along the Busway, to supply CCTV and intercom help points for the Luton Bus-Train Interchange, and provide a remote monitoring suite at bus firm Arriva’s depot in Luton. Another aspect of the brief was to provide stand-alone monitoring to work alongside the town hall CCTV, with integration of the Busway PTZ cameras and intercoms. This work was commissioned by Secure’s client, Vix Technology.

Some 32 Samsung SNV-5010 Megapixel IP cameras and eight Commend SF101 IP help point intercoms were installed in the eight bus shelters on the route. These feed data to two Samsung SRN-1670 network recorders at the town hall. At the Busway Interchange in central Luton, four Redvision RVX18-IR-W PTZ cameras were placed on Altron ‘Trolley Head’ columns and four Commend SR702 ‘lollipop’ style help points were installed. Nine Redvision RVX18-IR-W PTZ cameras were installed at the bus access junctions along the Busway. All of these cameras used Bosch encoders at each location and Bosch decoders at the town hall. The entire process took eight Secure engineers around nine months. The installers add that they will continue to work with the town hall as they use the system, to offer adjustments. Maidstone-based Secure’s directors Clifford Corne and Linda Doherty were among those on the opening tour.


About the Busway: Three bus companies – Arriva, Centrebus and Grant Palmer – are operating four initial busway routes that together provide core services between Dunstable and Luton up to every eight minutes at peak times. Buses and normal traffic are separated.


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