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Business travel questionnaire

Gian Rico Luzzi is a Loughborough University post graduate student working on a dissertation towards a master’s degree in security management, taught by Danie Adendorff. The topic: business travel security risk management. The title: business travel is a fact of life for many organisations. How are the associated security risks identified, promulgated to staff and effective countermeasures assessed? He writes:

A literature review has exposed significant disparity in the ways in, and extent to, which organisations are managing this function (strategically and operationally). The importance of this research lies in the fact that in our modern world business travel has become commonplace, exposing businesses and their executives/personnel to significant risk. Not only can failures in managing these risks be disastrous for the traveller but also for the business.

As part of my research I have designed a short multiple choice questionnaire (under ten minutes) for business leaders and security professionals which will enable me to examine current practice in order to create a comprehensive overview of the topic. The questionnaire does not request any personal information from the respondent, and no personally identifiable information is obtained through completion of the questionnaire. Please can you use the link below and complete my questionnaire (hosted by SurveyMonkey).


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