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Brum bus consultation

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), part of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), is looking to adopt new bus byelaws. Proposed for Safer Travel teams and police officers are greater powers to deal with so-called low level nuisance and anti-social behaviour on buses, at bus shelters and in bus stations (pictured; Coventry). The byelaws would give enforcement officers greater powers to deal with a range of anti-social acts including smoking and vaping, being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, vandalising property, obstructing passengers, playing loud music and threatening or offensive behaviour.

Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street said: “Research shows that anti-social behaviour can undermine feelings of safety and security for passengers and lead to a greater fear of crime. We know it also puts some people off travelling by bus.

“That is a real shame which is why these bus bylaws are part of our wider plans to tackle the problem. We know nuisance behaviour is something that many passengers feel strongly about so I would encourage people to take this opportunity to have their say and tell us what they think. No one who travels by bus should have to put up with nuisance behaviour and we want to everything we can to stamp it out.”

Transport bosses are most keen to hear views on:

Vaping on the bus and smoking or vaping at stops
Ticketless travel or ticket fraud
Travelling under the influence of alcohol and drugs where it has an effect on other passengers
Music, sound and advertising – for example leafleting and selling of goods
Unauthorised loitering at stations
General safety.

According to research by campaign group Transport Focus, there would be 11.5 per cent more journeys by public transport if people felt safer.

Passengers and residents have to March 29 to comment. Details and surveys are available on the TfWM website


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