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Body cams at Railtex 2017

Edesix, a provider of Body Worn Camera (BWCs), is to showcase how BWCs can tackle abusive and criminal behaviour at the annual exhibition for the rail sector, Railtex 2017, at the Birmingham NEC from May 9 to 11.

Edesix report that they now provide body worn cameras to a number of rail providers around the UK. Richie McBride, managing director of the firm, says that body worn cameras are a proven way of tackling abuse for rail operators. He says: “Body cams have been proven to change the behaviour of the public toward officers to a significant extent, helping to calm potentially aggressive confrontations and reducing incidents of violence. Also, not all stations have CCTV in place, and even where there are fixed cameras, body cams provide operators with the flexibility to move through the station and get on and off trains knowing there are no gaps in the coverage they can achieve.”

One provider who has used Edesix’s body worn cameras for a number of years now is Northern Rail. The company has 4,900 employees providing nearly 2,500 local and regional train services every weekday, making it the largest train operator in the UK. Its Rail Response Team provides a visible presence, towards personal safety and security for passengers and staff. When considering adopting body worn cameras, it needed a flexible, easy to adopt and unobtrusive way to help tackle abusive and criminal behaviour.

VideoBadge, pictured, is a self-contained unit requires no cabling or attachments and fits to clothing at chest level, giving maximum field of vision at all times with the product company says no inconvenience to the operator. Recorded footage is encrypted and processed using the included VideoManager software, so that user access and data protection controls are enforced. Evidence can be exported as video clips or stills if required and non-evidential footage deleted after a set time.

Northern Rail’s Head of Crime, Martyn Guiver, said of the cameras: “VideoBadge helps us deter criminal behaviour on our rail network, improves the quality of the service we provide to the public and offers operational benefits beyond evidence capture.”

For more about Edesix, or to arrange a demo or meeting at Railtex 2017 call 0131 550 3827 or email


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