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Airport cuts control rooms

Birmingham Airport had six separate control rooms spread across its site. Any further growth would make it difficult to co-ordinate security. Hence the decision was made to streamline security operations, with a single control room monitoring the entire site. This required the deployment of a new security system. IndigoVision IP products are its backbone. Most of the existing analogue cameras were replaced with IndigoVision Enhanced IP cameras, while the remaining analogue cameras were converted to IP using IndigoVision Encoders. Since all of these devices employ IndigoVision’s world class video compression allowing video to be streamed over minimal bandwidth.

The ability to view and control cameras from any point onsite has allowed the airport to reduce those control rooms from six to one, removing communication barriers and aiding operational efficiency. IndigoVision adds that its open integration means that other elements of the system such as access control and alarm management can be managed through IndigoVision’s Control Center software. Airport Control Centre Manager Chris Wilson said: “We’re delighted with the new system, the return on investment was outstanding. After nine months, the IndigoVision system had paid for itself. With IndigoVision’s Distributed Network Architecture we can easily increase camera numbers, aligning security with Birmingham Airport’s long-term vision.”

IndigoVision’s Distributed Networked Architecture (DNA) removes the need for a management server. Extra cameras are the product firm says easily added to the system, with no system downtime. With DNA, the system can manage up to 100,000 cameras.


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