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Terror list

The Worldwide Terror List 2014 – Global Assessment of Active Terrorist Organizations is a collection of active terrorist groups around the globe. It is say its authors a compilation of data and analysis that gives the reader an overview and insight into the operations of these subnational armed groups and opens up a plethora of options for discerning trends and assessing the security issues in territories, countries or larger regions.

Covered are such topics as factions, area of operations, leadership, ideology, severity of its attacks, a group’s foreign support base (both financial and organizational) and the outfits’ attack patterns (target sets, including government, business and industry, international organization, media, relief agency).

The publication includes essays on trends and issues that surround 21st century terrorism, such as the terrorist outfits that operate on a global scale, terrorism as a means of proxy war, the geopolitics of terror or state funding behind terrorism and also more specific themes such as groups that regularly attack certain industries, such as oil and gas.

It’s by the Athena Institute, a research body based in Budapest. Visit


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