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The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy’s Counter Fraud Centre (CCFC) has announced a new partnership with BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

The public finance management body and the defence, aerospace and security product firm are to develop counter fraud and cyber security services for public services. They say they aim to revolutionise how public sector bodies can use technology to identify and protect themselves against fraud, and cyber attack.

They point to four key areas:

Managing Risk –the creation of a global fraud risk register will be explored to allow for a better understanding of the fraud landscape
Fraud Detection – in addition to understanding fraud risks, the partnership will enable public services to utilise advanced data analysis tools to better support the fight against fraud and connect with other authorities facing similar issues
Cyber Security – to better understand cyber threats and to put the right security measures in place
Compliance and Anti Money Laundering (AML) –public services will be supported with AML solutions to check the legitimacy of payments and help identify fraudulent activity.

Rachael Tiffen, Head of the Counter Fraud Centre, said: “Since the launch of CCFC last year, we have been looking at ways to create smarter technology that will allow public sector organisations across the UK to co-operate with each other. The Institute is particularly excited about the fraud detection capability that is being developed by CIPFA and BAE Systems. Public services are experiencing huge shortfalls as a result of fraud and we hope to be able to decrease this by collecting and sharing data.”

The Institute held an event on March 3 at their London headquarters to show counter fraud and cyber security solutions to those in public services.

George Robbins, Senior Director, Commercial Solutions, EMEA from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, said: “Supporting the public sector in the fight against digital crime is a key contributor to ensuring that public services resources within the UK are focused where they are most needed and to greatest effect. It is our pleasure to help bring the combination of the focused insight of CIPFA’s Counter Fraud Centre together with innovative technology to bear in the fight against fraud and cyber attack.”

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