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Retail Fraud – Amsterdam

Organised crime has become a Europe-wide issue for those responsible for retail risk and loss prevention. Criminals increasingly communicate digitally and without regard for geographical borders. This is a threat for all retailers, whether they operate outside of their own national borders or not. As a result retailers increasingly need to understand what is happening on their European doorsteps in order to anticipate what challenges they will next have to meet, say organisers of the Retail Fraud series of events, who are setting up on the Continent. Retail Fraud – Amsterdam runs on September 16.

Retail Knowledge founder Paul Bessant is pictured speaking at the annual RetaiL Fraud conference in London in April. He said: “Designed as a pan-European loss prevention conference, Retail Fraud – Amsterdam is a response to the changing geography of retail risk and loss prevention. The conference seeks to identify the current and future challenges European retailers, online and offline, are facing and to provide the tools LP teams need in order to robustly defend their businesses against those threats. By bringing together top retailers, experts, academics and law enforcement agencies from across Europe and beyond, we hope to create a hotbed of truly international expertise and collaboration.

“Since 2002, when I first established Retail Fraud – London, my vision was simple. I wanted to create an outstanding opportunity for retailers to discuss asset protection challenges, spread best practice, network and share experiences in their fight to protect their profits.

“Fourteen years later and that conference has grown to become the largest in Europe, with 82pc of the UK’s top 250 retailers attending this year, including representatives from every single one of the top ten UK retailers – an historic first for any European LP conference. Retail Fraud conferences have also been established in other major retail centres including Leicester, Dublin, Oslo, Cape Town and Dubai – so we must be doing something right!”

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