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Qatar football partnership

The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and Qatar Stars League (QSL) have signed a sport integrity partnership. It’s designed to prevent match fixing of football in Qatar.

Announced at ASPIRE4SPORT 2013, the ‘Sport Integrity Best Practice’ partnership will see the ICSS and QSL collaborate to monitor matches in the second leg of the 2013/14 QSL season and the Heir Apparent Cup. The agreement will include the introduction of vulnerable match-alert and suspicious match-reporting systems as well as seminars and workshops to educate on how to appreciate, resist, prevent and respond to match fixing.

The ICSS will offer advice on due diligence and match investigations and offer on-demand fit and proper persons testing for match agents and competition business propositions. ICSS staff will advise on the further development of QSL regulations and the set-up of preventative disciplinary measures against match fixing.

Mohammed Hanzab, President of the ICSS, said: “Like many professional leagues around the world, the QSL is concerned about the prevention of corruption in sport. I commend the QSL for their commitment to the development of integrity programmes aimed at tackling match fixing – this new partnership is an exciting initiative for Qatari football and the ICSS is honoured to support and join forces with the QSL.”

And Hani Ballan, Deputy CEO of the QSL, said: “Match fixing is a subject the international football community is working hard to stamp out once and for all. This is an issue which the Qatar Stars League will never become complacent over. We are joining forces with the world-renowned authority on the matter and are proud to demonstrate we treat the running of our professional game with integrity and transparency. I am proud the QSL has entered into a partnership with the ICSS. The agreement proves the commitment of the league to combat a problem that has spread all around the world. We are aware of this and we must face up to doing what is right to prevent future problems. The QSL is extremely committed to working with the experts in the field of sports security. We will work hard to assist and learn from the ICSS and demonstrate that sport security is a priority of the QSL.”

Pictured left to right are HE Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, Chairman of the Qatar Football Association and Chairman of Qatar Stars League, and ICSS President, Mohammed Hanzab.

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