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Online risk assessment

Use of risk assessment and method statement services for the electrical contractor sector has surged after an upgrade to the Electrical Contractors’ Association’s free ‘e-RAMS’ online service. The ECA reports that the number of risk assessments (RAs) by ECA members per month has gone up by 67 per cent since the end of October. In total nearly 600 ECA member-firms use e-RAMS, creating tens of thousands of practical and concise risk assessments.

ECA Director of Business Services Paul Reeve said: “The upgrades the ECA introduced to e-RAMS – such as being able to carry out quantified risk assessments, and enhanced hazard and control measure text – have led to the service going from strength-to-strength. e-RAMS is particularly useful for single tasks or projects, and it can help with virtually any building services engineering activity. Similar commercial products can cost hundreds of pounds or more, so we are pleased to see hundreds of ECA members already utilising this free service, helping them take the necessary steps to ensure health and safety on site.”

Users of e-RAMS

Darren Price of Goodwin & Price Ltd said: “e-RAMS provides good risk assessments that are easy to fill in and then adapt to make them project-specific. The end product looks professional when we send it out to clients. The added bonus is that it’s a free service!”

Matthew Dodson, Director of Vic Coupland Ltd said: “The ECA’s e-RAMS means we are able to easily create, distribute and store HSE documentation, keeping the safety of everyone involved in our projects paramount. Our company continues to invest in new systems and being part of the ECA enhances our ability to lead the way.”

The ECA’s e-RAMs service is part of the trade body’s support for contractors, to help meet requirements of commercial clients and to manage health and safety at work. e-RAMS is free to all registered ECA members, and more information can be viewed here.


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