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Mobile Security: The Benefits of VPNs

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Whether it’s for business or personal use, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential for Maintaining Mobile Security. Indeed, with the continuing development of new Cyber Security threats, they can be an essential network safety tool even if you’re not always on the go. But if you’re unsure why VPNs are so important to digital security, then read our full list of their advantages (and some disadvantages) below!


What is a VPN?

In essence, a VPN is a tool that offers a network system that operates outside of the internet. By doing this it can better protect your data and identity when you’re online as it applies extra security measures and enhanced encryption. This safety precaution can be useful anywhere, and is arguably vital to protect mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.


The Key Benefits

Increases Privacy (and Security)

Websites and apps often track your activity online, which can leave your network and mobile security vulnerable. VPNs mask private information such as your IP address, location and search history from being tracked, leaving your data and anything you send or receive safe from most threats.

Helps Business Performance

For companies looking to Improve Business Security, VPNs offer increased protection when sharing files between devices, so there’s far less risk of data theft. Moreover, as it has its own network, VPNs can be accessed remotely (which is a huge security boost for those working both at home and in the office).

Improved Online Performance

In addition to robust online and mobile network security, some VPNs can also improve internet performance indicators such as device efficiency and bandwidth.

Alternate Region Access

One of the most well-known advantages of a VPN is their ability to switch your device’s region and location. This can subsequently allow users to access sites and shows on streaming services that are unavailable in your actual location. Thus, sometimes increasing your personal security can have other perks!


Are there any Drawbacks?

Whilst the pros often outweigh the cons for many users, VPNs have some drawbacks that even some providers are willing to admit. These include:

Marginally slower internet – VPNs reroute and encrypt data which can reduce connection strength

Illegal in some areas – Some countries have banned or heavily regulate their use; always check regulations if you’re using a VPN to access region-blocked sites or content

Set up issues – some users have trouble choosing the best VPN provider and/or setting theirs up



Despite some issues, the Ability of VPNs to Prevent Cyber Attacks as well as the numerous online, business, and mobile security benefits makes them worth a serious consideration. This is also perhaps one of the best times to get a VPN, given the current affordability of some long-term plans.

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