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Managerial Fraud book

Most frauds by senior managers take longer to uncover than those by other occupational groups and they steal more. This is a serious problem. A ‘Red Flag’ approach is used by auditors to prevent and uncover fraud and in some countries it is statutory. However, the approach does not catch managerial fraudsters quickly or very often. So argues the author of a new book.

Managerial Fraud: Executive Impression Management, Beyond Red Flags, by Dr Terry Sheridan. Published 2014 by Gower. Hardback, 304 pages. ISBN 978-1-4724-1338-3. Visit, website price £58.50.

In Managerial Fraud, Dr Terry Sheridan reports the findings of her study of fraudulent executives. Her book looks at the methods fraudsters employ to appear more authentic than the average person and reveals two types of executive fraudster with different behaviours. She suggests the current Red Flag approach fails to identify potential fraudsters and instead tends to focus on Red Flag executives who are negative characters, but non-fraudulent; which accounts for the problem auditors face, who see Red Flag indicators and are obliged to conduct further audits, yet find nothing of substance.

During the author’s research, the innocent colleagues who worked closely with fraudulent managers have been interviewed about their experiences and had their impressions analysed, leading to the development of a typology of fraudulent executives based on Impression Management Theory.


Preface; Introduction; Mythological causes of fraud; Impression management; The makings of the fraudster manager typology; Eventual destruction of the illusion; The basis of the types; The two fraudster typology; Rehabilitation possibilities; Case applications; Prevention; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.

About the Author:

Dr Terry A Sheridan is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, member of the Fraud Advisory Panel (UK), member of the Australian Career Development Association and was awarded their Research of the Year Award in 2008. Her publications include her PhD dissertation; numerous articles, scholarly and for general reading, a chapter in Aviation Management, a recent US aviation security management textbook, many refereed conference papers and national research reports. She is the Managing Director of Guardian Angel Holdings Pty Ltd having developed new methodologies for pre-employment screening of managers. She has held several executive positions in the past with public corporations, statutory bodies and companies as well as non-profit organisations.


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