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IoT risk guide

The Internet of Things (IoT) is open to disruption or intervention by another person. The Government has brought out a brief, six-page, guide to how to guard against some of the possible crime risks presented by IoT smart devices, whether washing machines and televisions in the home, or systems such as alarms and central heating that can be activated by smartphones or tablets.

Households and businesses should take what the authorities term ‘sensible precautions’ to prevent themselves becoming victims of crime, such as fraud, through their use of the IoT.

The best means of protection according to the document is to ensure all your smart devices and systems are protected by strong passwords which are not disclosed.

You should also ensure that you accept the latest updates to your smart devices and systems as this should incorporate the latest security including protection from malware and other viruses. And when buying and installing smart systems or devices, always check what security they offer and ask questions if this is not clear so you can make the decision about what is best for you.

Also make checks on businesses that may carry out the installation through talking to them about the security of the system, asking for references or checking consumer websites, so you have confidence that security is taken seriously.

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