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Internet basics

A new video series seeks to educate viewers on the top five internet security risks they face online. The series is intended to be consumable by anyone with basic familiarity with computers, web browsers and mobile devices.

It raises and answers such questions as: what makes the best password? Why should I keep clicking OK on this software update? Why should I NOT click on this security warning?!

To learn more, visit the Varonis website.

The course was was created for the anti-malware product company Varonis and is designed to teach the everyday connected individual about the online security risks they face and how to protect themselves, including:

Practicing better password hygiene;
Identifying website trustworthiness and phishing;
Understanding the importance of software maintenance;
Establishing mobile device and app security; and
Minimising the risks of household and corporate IoT.

The on-demand course is by Troy Hunt, IT security trainer, author, and creator of the free data breach service, “Have I been pwned?” It’s divided into seven byte-sized modules that take a few minutes to watch. The course can also provide a supplement to organisations’ efforts to keep their employees trained and vigilant, Varonis adds.

David Gibson, VP of Strategy and Market Development at Varonis, said: “We’re pleased to partner with Troy Hunt once again for this free video training course. We wanted to create a resource that both consumers and business people can use for online safety awareness and best practice tips to mitigate risks in their online environments. According to a recent Ponemon study, IT security practitioners say insider negligence is more than twice as likely to cause a compromise than any other culprit. By increasing awareness, we hope more consumers and employees will take preventive measures with their online security.”


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