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Infosec show: day two

Privacy versus security: the tension between national security, privacy and information security is the title of the talk at Infosecurity Europe today by former Foreign Secretary William Hague, now Lord Hague. He will ask, how do we achieve information security, national security and personal privacy, and to what extent should intelligence agencies and government have the right to access personal data in the interests of national security?

Also on the Keynote stage at London Olympia on the second day of the three-day infosec event, is the final of the UK’s Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company of the Year; judges from C5 Capital, IBM and Microsoft announce which of the 11 challengers exhibiting in the UK Cyber Innovation Zone will take the prize.

15:30-16:30: (Information Security Exchange) The Impact of EU Legislation on Cyber Security in the UK
As cyber threats increasingly impact society and economies, government regulation is evolving to reflect this risk and drive confidence in digital space. The EU recently took a huge step forward in strengthening its digital space. This legislation will have significant influence on EU Member States and businesses as they grapple with new requirements on data protection, cybersecurity and resilience capabilities to align with these mandates. Join our panel of experts, including Greg Day, VP and Chief Security Officer, EMEA at Palo Alto Networks, as we discuss the impact of this upcoming EU legislation on UK organisations.

17:00: (Pillar Hall) The European Security Blogger Awards; ceremony conducted by Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame inductee, Brian Honan.

Conference, June 8

10.00-10.25: (Strategy Talks) Advanced Incident Investigation: Lessons Learned from APT Victims
Lee Lawson, Counter Threat Unit Special Operations, Dell SecureWorks will discuss the rise of advanced persistent threats, how the security threat landscape is evolving and what you can do to keep pace.

10.30-11.30: (Intelligent Defense) – Towards Better Security Engineering
Last year Sergey Bratus said “Defence is offence’s child” in his memorable keynote. If we assume this to be true, how can we turn the plethora of vulnerabilities that are thrown at us through scan reports, penetration tests, code reviews, and bug bounties into lessons to improve the development of better software and hardware? Wim Remes, Manager Global Services EMEA, Rapid7, will explore the mechanisms that turn offensive data into actions that yield the outcomes we need and desire.

10.40-11.05: (Strategy Talks) Fostering an Enterprise-Wide Security Culture
John Skipper, Digital Trust expert at PA Consulting, provides expert insight into how the C-Suite should identify, assess and mitigate cyber risks to data assets and reputation, and provides real-life examples taken from PA Consulting’s client case studies.

11.45-12.45: (Information Security Exchange) State of Vulnerabilities, Exploits and the Best Practices for Prioritising Remediation
When it comes to vulnerability remediation, many organisations are behind the eight ball due to a constant deluge of cyberthreats and acute shortage of Infosec professionals. To weather this perfect storm, IT departments must prioritise remediation. Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek and a panel of industry experts will discuss a year-long study of exploits and share best practices to improve remediation and reduce risk.

13.20-13.45: (Tech Talks) Defending Against Phishing Attacks: Case Studies and Human Defences
Jim Hansen, Chief Operating Officer, PhishMe discusses how most organisations struggle to improve their defences against phishing attacks and advises that, when addressing the phishing threat, we can’t solely depend on security technologies, we must condition end users to identity and report suspected phishing emails.

14:40-15:20: (Keynote Stage) Privacy, Trust and the Internet of Things
Information security technologist Bruce Schneier will discuss the privacy implications of the Internet of Things and what role the information security community has in tackling this challenge.

16:40-17:30: (Keynote Stage) Next-Gen CISO: How to be a Successful Security Leader of the Future
Join panellists Lee Barney, Head of Information Security, Marks & Spencer, Mark Hughes, CEO BT Security, BT, Mieke Kooij, Security Director, Trainline, Troels Oerting, Group CISO, Barclays, Cory Scott, CSIO, LinkedIn in a discussion on the critical skills and qualities of an effective, next-generation CISO, and their insights into how to become a security leader.


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