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How to report cyber crime in the UK

Millions of cyber crimes occur in the UK every year, and yet many if not most go unreported to the police. Thus, here’s our guide on how your business should report a cyber security threat if you fall victim to a data breach.


What should you report?

Starting with the basics, a cyber crime is an illegal activity that takes place online, and either utilises internet-connected devices or involves assistance from such technology. These crimes include cyber security threats such as hacking, online fraud, and malicious software, as well as a variety of social media offences. A more detailed list of these cyber crimes can be found Here.


Where should you report a cyber crime?

As with any criminal activity, if you believe you or your business have fallen victim to a cyber crime, then you should contact the police using 999. Using 101, or reporting a cyber security breach via the National Action Fraud Website are also recommended options. Whistle-blowers can also report these crimes anonymously through CrimeStoppers.

This will ensure your breach is recorded and allows for an investigation to begin.


Conclusion: The importance of cyber security

Similar to the advice given by the Metropolitan Police on the issue, the best counter-measure to cyber crime is always prevention. And, in order to do this, Effective Cyber Security Measures are essential.

Therefore, whether you’re an individual or trying to keep your business safe online, there are some universal practices to keep in mind. These include researching the best security policies, installing anti-virus software, and creating unique and secure passwords. This should leave your data much less exposed to a potential threat, but if the worst does happen (which can happen regardless), please follow the steps above.

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