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How to Enhance Cloud Security

For a variety of businesses, a huge aspect of ‘going digital’ is utilising Cloud-based systems, hence their widespread popularity. Cloud computing essentially allows companies and employees to access a large range of files without having to store them on any particular individual or personal device. This can range from tools such as Google Drive to social media sites like Facebook, meaning they are already very well-established in business operations.


What are the benefits of using the Cloud?

There are numerous benefits to a Cloud-based business system. But, briefly, some of these include:

Cost Savings


Data Mobility

File Accessibility

Storage Loss Prevention



Why is security important?

What makes the above advantages so worthwhile for companies is the security that their Cloud-based system provides. After all, the benefits of the Cloud can only be achieved when companies ensure that they are maximising their Cyber Security as well as their Network Security. Doing this ensures essential business information remains as protected as possible from potential attacks and data breaches.


How do you improve Cloud Security?

System Updates

Businesses aren’t the only ones concerned about online security. Cloud service providers are constantly monitoring their systems to identify any issues and improve protection. Thus, simply making sure that you’re using a service that’s well-maintained and updated fairly regularly can be a good first step to Cloud security.


Cloud Security Policies

Getting more complex, companies can aim to set up their own Cloud security policies to better protect internal data. If you can spare it, selecting a team from both senior and IT leadership to draft such a policy can greatly minimise the risk to your Cloud-based business processes.


Secure User Journey

Businesses should aim to make it as easy as possible for its staff to be secure when using their company’s Cloud services. This can involve several intuitive protocols, such as multi-factor authentication or a privileged access management program. You should also make sure that end-user offboarding is well-managed, so that former employees don’t have continued access to your Cloud-based system.


Password Management

Finally, given that it’s The Cause of Most Security Breaches, password management is vital to protecting access to your Cloud data. Thus, your company should aim to have unique, encrypted passwords for all of its systems. You can even find more Tips on Business Password Management Here.


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