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Home office products

Remote working has become more popular in recent years and with more businesses now offering employees the opportunity to work from home in a bid to cut costs, workplace equipment supplier Slingsby is seeing demand for home office related products.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director of Slingsby, which supplies more than 35,000 workplace products across all industries, explains: “It’s difficult to ignore the benefits that remote working can offer and this is especially true for any organisations that employ office or desk based workers, who mainly use telephones and computers to do their work.

“The recession has definitely played a role in the growth of remote working because in most cases it costs thousands of pounds each year for every employee that a business has in its own premises in terms of space, heating and electricity costs. Plus many businesses that want to expand, but don’t have the space, find that having workers off-site is the answer.”

Lee adds: “Flexible working can also save money during bad weather because each time it snows it costs the economy in lost trade and absenteeism. A recent survey of FTSE100 companies found that even though 73% of businesses suffered staff shortages due to snow, only 39% have the capability for employees to work remotely so there’s still lots of potential for remote working to become even bigger. Plus it reduces lots of unnecessary business mileage, which is good for the environment and helps employers reduce their carbon footprints. While the cost of facilitating remote working may have been prohibitive in the past, evolving technology now makes it much more affordable and improving communication facilities, such as web conferencing, mean today you can hold meetings from almost any location in the world.

“Research also suggests that enabling employees to work remotely improves their efficiency because they often feel the need to prove their effectiveness through their outputs. Plus it can increase productivity by enabling employees to spend more time working instead of travelling and in many cases there are actually fewer distractions at home with no colleagues around to chat with, fewer coffee breaks and no unnecessary meetings. The result is that increasing numbers of employers are now introducing plans to enable remote working.

“We’re now seeing demand growing for all types of home office furniture as organisations assist their employees in creating home work spaces that are efficient, practical and meet all health and safety requirements which are key considerations for organisations introducing remote working.”


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