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Gate Safe Distance Learning course

The charity Gate Safe has hailed a bumper month for its Gate Safe Distance Learning course. A record 67 delegates took the training in one month.

While the charity says that it welcomes newcomers wishing to improve their knowledge and understanding of the required protocol to ensure a safe and compliant automated gate, it places equal importance on the companies who repeatedly return to Gate Safe to refresh their training or see that new recruits follow the IOSH approved course.

The founding principle for Gate Safe, organisers say, has always been to put a stop to any further accidents and fatalities as a result of an unsafe automated gate or barrier installation. By establishing a much stronger safety conscience amongst gate owners and gate users, another positive outcome has been to generate business opportunities for installers. The Gate Safe website is attracting 300 visitors per month to its ‘Find an Installer’ pages – showing the linked commercial value associated with joining the Gate Safe installer register, say organisers.

Founder Richard Jackson said: “Our training has been running for almost nine years now, so it is very well established in the industry – the credibility of the course is boosted by approval from IOSH which we’ve had since its launch. While the distance learning was originally rolled out in response to the pandemic, we’ve come to realise that this format has many benefits which suit our audience.

“Being trained in smaller groups -without the inconvenience associated with travel and taking a significant amount of time out of the working day, having the opportunity to build a stronger rapport with the delegates and our highly experienced trainer – Rob Williams and of course, offering our delegates far more flexibility in terms of training dates – these are just some of the clear advantages of the distance training. For this reason, we will be continuing with this model going forward, although as restrictions ease, there will be some opportunities for face-to-face training.”



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