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EPIC at Henley

We have not mentioned Ex Police in Industry and Commerce, EPIC for short, for a while. On Thursday, February 25 at Henley Rugby Club, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 2JA, EPIC is holding a seminar and exhibition, as a market place where individuals and companies can offer their advice and display their goods.

After the election of a new executive committee through 2014 and 2015, EPIC has had a revamp of membership criteria, a re-write of its rules and constitution, and a new code of practice, all designed to make membership applications that little bit less formal and the organisation more relevant for business. Whereas you once had to have a police pension to join, now the group invites applications from the wider police family, not least all those civilian personnel who are seeking employment, especially during the severe cuts.

EPIC was formed in 1979, as the idea of Arthur Rees, the former Chief Constable of Staffordshire and Denbighshire Police and was also a rugby union flanker, who became a Welsh International.

To ensure equality in its membership it has no rank structure.

EPIC was formed for officers from Home Office police forces, the intention being to assist those officers who, on retiring, wished to branch into a new career, and was originally designed for only those venturing into the Security and Investigation industries. It has always been a friendly concern, where views, advice and help are freely exchanged to further develop an individual’s capabilities in the world of self-employment, and of course those going to work in those fields of industry for an employer.

In 2011 EPIC became a limited company (limited by guarantee) becoming known as EPIC (Integrity Assured) Limited. To this day they operate under the banner ‘Integrity Assured’ with all members being vetted thus offering their respective clients the assurance that the people they are instructing come under the banner of an organisation that has strict guidelines and protocols. Not only is the organisation streamlining itself, but it embraces police and police staff, that are taking the step into the outside world in whatever occupation they may choose.

EPIC describes itself as the only business networking body, exclusively for former police officers and police staff that are leaving or have left the force, to start their own business or be employed in the commercial sector.

Choosing who to do business with can be a minefield. People do not know where to go, or who to trust and the last thing they want to do, is pick someone at random from Yellow Pages. So, to inspire customer confidence, EPIC ensures that all members are vetted; an EPIC member is therefore considered ‘Integrity Assured’.

EPIC also provides consumers with the ‘peace of mind’ that a member has worked within the police and therefore has been subject to training, experience and vetting. At the same time, EPIC works hard to assist members in finding their feet in the ‘world of business’, offering a wealth of contacts, support and potential mentors for those stepping into a new career.

Advice on all aspects of membership, including mentoring are designed to help the individual to take that big step with guidance and help on all aspects of self-employment and the pitfalls that are to be avoided. A main aspect of EPIC is, and has always has been, the ability to communicate within the membership.

The main theme of the seminar is ‘A NEW START’. Guest speakers and exhibitors have been invited that cover this theme.

EPIC are pleased to offer spaces on the seminar for any individual who qualifies for membership or are members of the SIA or ABI or similar organisations who would benefit from this meeting. It goes without saying that the meeting will no doubt create worthwhile contacts. Visit


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