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Engineering free event

On May 21, the IET Young Professionals will be holding their annual Engineering Challenge. This year’s theme is how to make money out of space. Space is an unexplored adventure for human kind and although humans have been sending satellites into space for over 50 years, there is still a lot more to learn.  But how can we commercialise space? 



The main speaker for the evening is Will Whitehorn, former president of Virgin Galactic with 25 years’ experience of business in the Virgin group, and now leads the Loewy Group of industrial and product design companies. In his lecture he will look at the rush of new commercial entrants into the space launch and satellite industries and discuss how this has come about and where it is leading. He will question why space access needs to become cheaper and what that might mean for future industrialisation of the region outside the atmosphere and beyond our planet.


The event also includes the Challenge: 4 Teams will come up with solutions to several challenges facing space travel and present this to a panel of judges in a “Dragons’ Den” meets the “Apprentice” style! 


Visit for further details and to register for this free event.


Date and time: 21 May 2012, 18:30 – 21:30; drinks from 6pm.


Location:         IET London: Savoy Place 

2 Savoy Place

London WC2R 0BL.


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