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Development coaching

The security screening product company, Rapiscan Systems, has appointed Positive Change Partners to provide development coaching for its international sales staff. The focus by Positive Change Partners on delivering development sessions, with their international experience and wider coaching expertise, were key factors say Rapiscan.



David Kent, Vice President of Sales for EMEA at Rapiscan Systems, said: “What stood out for me was the refreshing approach taken by Simon Ford at Positive Change Partners. They do not offer a ‘cookie cutter’ programme based around preconceived coaching and training ideas. They approached this with genuinely fresh eyes, talked to the team with ‘gloves off’ during initial sessions, and then tailored development training specifically to meet the requirements of the organisation. The sales team manages the European, Middle East and African regions.  When Simon came to see us we were very impressed with his international experience and I felt he positioned the coaching at exactly the right level.”


A key aim for Rapiscan Systems in appointing Positive Change Partners is to increase sales and profitability, but David Kent added: “investing in our people, to help them achieve the best for them personally and for the business is key to us continuing and growing our leadership position going forward. The developmental sessions will give our sales team the chance to step back from the day-to-day needs of the organisation, to work on their own development, and take a more strategic view.”


Rapiscan will provide security screening for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. The company provides security screening products for ports and airports to check hold baggage and parcel inspection. Clients include the aviation industry, sports events, NATO, the European Union and Customs agencies.


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