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Cyber Lab launch

IT training company QA has launched a Cyber Lab designed for users to practice how to defend themselves against a simulated cyber attack.

The 20-seat facility, in the heart of London, is for cross-business teams and IT security staff to simulate and react to a real life threat, the firm says. It’s for practical learning for rehearsal of incident response, digital forensic investigations, ‘offensive defences’ and security operations as well as crisis media management.

The Cyber Lab will offer the company adds a variety of off the shelf, tailored and bespoke courses, from crisis communications and media management to team challenges including hackathons and ‘Capture the Flag’ style team events. Breakfast sessions are planned for organisations who want to view the facilities and gain a better understanding of QA’s end-to-end cyber training portfolio.

Richard Beck, head of cyber security at QA says: “Every day, every department in every organisation is at risk of a cyber attack. This situation is exacerbated by an unprecedented shortage of teams with the right skills to help defend corporate data. We’ve invested over £150,000 in building this unique training facility which will allow our customers to learn in an environment like no other.”

“In cyber warfare everyone has a role, no matter what their function in the business. This is mirrored in our training. Everyone has a role to play when it comes to defending the organisation, from the communications and marketing teams to the PEN testers. It embraces emotional as well as technical training to provide the closest experience an organisation can provide next to the real thing.”

Visit QA says scenarios are built around each organisation and the industry they operate in. The ‘lab’ will cover:

Cyber Crisis and Communications

· Rehearsing incident response

· Developing skills to lead and manage in a cyber crisis

· Simulate effective inter-department communications

· Rehearse industry specific scenarios

Digital Forensic Investigations
· Conducting digital investigations relating to malicious activity

· Gathering social media intelligence via ‘digital treasure hunts’

· Accurately collecting and analysing evidence

· Mastering the digital forensic tools and techniques

· Conducting investigations online and across multiple devices

Offensive Defence

· Developing a defensive shield

· Mastering the art of ethical hacking

· Using hands-on hacking tools and techniques

· Developing proactive defence skills

· Taking part in team challenges with ‘Capture the Flag’ events

Security Operations

· Understanding of the cyber threat landscape

· Keeping up to date with advanced attack, detection and reporting methods

· Simulated cyber threat lifecycle

· Effective security incident triage.


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