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Cyber collective

There is no substitute for collective responsibility and common sense in the fight against cybercrime and terrorism according to Hannah Tufts, Communications Specialist with The Security Company, in a report published at



Entitled ‘Cybercrime, terrorism and the lesser of two evils’ the report focuses on recent comments made by Jonathan Evans, head of MI5, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. It highlights the potential for harm posed by cybercrime and how cyber espionage can efficiently aid terrorism. 


With the security spotlight firmly on the forthcoming Olympic Games, Tufts points out that while younger people entering the workplace – Generation Y – absorb and utilise all forms of social media with ease, anyone outside this demographic must also learn to utilise and appreciate its intelligence potential. 


She says: “The foundation of good security isn’t secret intelligence or a responsibility exclusive to MI5: it’s something we’ve all got in common. Talking about it helps us see its relevance, so start the discussion today and we’ll benefit from the change tomorrow.”  For further information – visit


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