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Covert imagery book

The latest book from trainer and Association of British Investigators member Peter Jenkins is Covert Imagery and Photography.

North Yorkshire-based Peter says that this covert photography training manual has been compiled as a learning aid, guide and reference book for the investigator who is required to take photographic images or video for obtaining evidence. Peter starts with the very basics – the hardware and setting up the camera, and goes on to shutter and aperture, metering and exposure, lenses, then low light photography, and having taken the images, processing of them. He covers also video photography (of more use than stills if you’re investigating a personal injury claim that requires evidence of movement, for instance), and covert CCTV (again, more useful and cost-effective than stills photography to capture evidence of theft from premises). Peter also goes into legal issues such as privacy, trespass, harassment, and data protection.

The book has more than 700 images and graphics.

Here’s one – from near the end of the book: ten top mistakes made by camera novices.

1) Not learning how to use their equipment fully
2) Batteries dying and having no spares
3) Incorrect focus
4) Too slow a shutter speed, causing camera shake (ISO too low)
5) Bringing the camera down to adjust settings (use the viewfinder and know where the controls are)
6) Settings all over the place
7) Horizon not being straight and level
8) Not checking the background for distractions
9) Shooting in stark contrasting light, causing exposure problems; and
10) Using ‘kit’ (slow) lenses for professional use.

Mark Rowe writes: Of Peter’s earlier works, Covert Surveillance was reviewed in our February 2001 issue; Advanced Surveillance – The Complete Manual of Surveillance Training (ISBN: 0 9535378 11) reviewed in our December 2003 issue; and Surveillance Tradecraft, featured in our June 2010 issue.

Covert Imagery and Photography, by Peter Jenkins, published by Intel Publishing, 224 pages, paperback, £19.99, ISBN 9780 953 537853. Visit

About the author

Peter’s company ISS Training Limited provides specialist courses in various surveillance disciplines. These courses are usually in Yorkshire or at your premises by arrangement. Courses contain much practical involvement and are normally held in classes with a maximum of nine students. ISS provide all training equipment, covert radios, vehicles, cameras and facilities. Currently offered is free guest house self catering accommodation, for students attending the 11 day surveillance courses, subject to availability. In 2016 the trainers will also be offering this to the five-day surveillance course and six-day professional investigation course. For the course details and dates visit –

Image courtesy of Peter Jenkins.


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