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For the first time, Clarion Events is presenting three co-located shows at London’s Olympia. On April 29 and 30 Counter Terror Expo, Ambition and Forensics Europe Expo will showcase technology and techniques for everything from the prevention of terrorist attacks, to the emergency services response when an attack does occur, to the forensic examination of the scene after the event. Each show will have its own programme of conferences, symposiums and workshops, featuring leading experts in their respective fields, and offering, collectively, an educational experience.

Counter Terror

Now in its 6th edition, Counter Terror Expo has become the premier international event for bringing manufacturers and service providers together with buyers and specifiers from across the spectrum of Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Critical National Infrastructure, Private Sector and the Security Services.

David Thompson, Event Manager for Counter Terror Expo & Ambition: “We’re confident that we have put together a comprehensive show that will be of immediate and practical relevance to every professional involved in the counter terror and security arena. The threat from extremist groups is not just ever present, it is ever evolving. Counter Terror Expo will definitely help anyone involved in countering that threat to keep right up-to-date with all the latest developments.”


Ambition, now in its in 4th edition, is focused on delivering pre-hospital care in all circumstances with emphasis on crisis management and the response to serious mass-casualty incidents such as those caused by terrorist attacks. Ambition will feature contributions from NARU (National Ambulance Resilience Unit) and JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme) to help further the development of cooperation between all of the emergency services.

Founder of Ambition, Carl Rees, said: “A one-stop-shop for anyone involved in pre-hospital care, emergency response, crisis management, interoperability and resilience, Ambition has been designed to ensure that professionals at all levels learn something new and develop their knowledge and capabilities whilst also providing excellent opportunities to network with other multiagency partners.”

David Jervis of JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme) added: “JESIP is in the process of delivering the largest and most ambitious joint training programme ever undertaken by the three blue light emergency services. It is designed to improve further the way the services work together in the early stages of the response to a major incident which could be an accident, natural disaster or terrorist-related. It is crucial that all the agencies involved in prevention of, or response to, such incidents understand each others’ roles, and are able to work seamlessly together in order to save lives and reduce harm. Such exhibitions and conferences as this can only help achieve that objective.”

Forensics Europe Expo

Forensics Europe Expo is a forum for the forensic sector and its supply chain, enabling producers to promote, and buyers to source, the latest forensic products, equipment and services, covering Crime Scene and DNA Analysis to Digital and Mobile Forensics.

David Thompson, Event Manager for Counter Terror Expo & Ambition, said: “Forensics Europe Expo will undoubtedly offer every professional in the field an unrivalled insight into the very latest developments in technologies and techniques. But in addition, through its co-location with Counter Terror Expo and Ambition, the show will create unparalleled scope for the cross-fertilisation of ideas in the ongoing work to combat the efforts of terrorist and other extremist groups, wherever they may come from.”

For more about each of the three shows, including booking instructions for both exhibitors and visitors, visit the sites below:

Counter Terror Expo
Forensics Europe Expo


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