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Consultancy service

Corps Security has a new business division that provides consulting, investigative and training services for risk and threat management. CorpsConsult uses the in-house expertise of the company. Pictured is Mike Bluestone, who heads CorpsConsult, discussing with a client.

Corps Security’s director of security consulting, Mike Bluestone said: ‘Our experts all have recognised academic and professional security qualifications and come from a diverse range of corporate backgrounds. In addition, several leading members of the team have served with distinction in the police and military. This wide ranging experience combines to ensure that CorpsConsult has unrivalled levels of knowledge and expertise that can be used to advise companies on the security of their people, property and assets through both human and technological means.’

Consulting services

The services include: strategic security reviews; the development of corporate security policy and strategy documents; risk and threat assessments; security surveys; and audits. Investigative services might be used by organisations looking to carry out due diligence in areas such as mergers and acquisitions and the examination of corporate fraud and financial impropriety. Areas of potential risk can be identified through checks on backgrounds and reputations of companies and individuals. Other services include scene of crime, personnel screening and vetting, and corporate surveillance.

CorpsConsult also offers training courses; subjects include security management, security auditing, fraud prevention, strategic security and security awareness training.

Corps Security’s chief executive, Peter Webster, said: ‘The importance of a clearly defined and implemented security strategy cannot be overstated and organisations in all business sectors now realise that expert guidance is an invaluable part of this process. Although we have offered consultancy services for many years, the formation of CorpsConsult galvanises our extensive knowledge into one complete offering. I believe it is a valuable addition to our existing specialist security services and we will continue to develop it to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.’

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