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Cloud Security Challenges in 2022

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Concerns about multi-cloud deployment

Many organisations use multi-cloud systems to fully benefit from a range of cloud environments, each serving a different purpose. However, the scale of complexity is increased in a multi-cloud infrastructure. Multi-cloud security challenges include:

Consistency in protecting data and privacy: Each multi-cloud environment may have a different built-in security structure. Achieving seamless protection across all cloud environments can be difficult.

Integration issues: Multi-cloud environments usually have conflicting solutions from several vendors. Integrating all solutions can be challenging, and businesses may struggle to understand how security solutions integrate together.

Lack of visibility and control: Companies may lack visibility and control because of the shared responsibility and vendor-controlled infrastructure.


Issues in securing cloud environments

The complexity of cloud service providers can make it hard for businesses to monitor cloud environments and make them secure. Important considerations include:

Prevention of inaccurate Cloud Configurations

Applying security to apps that are already in use

Achieving regulatory compliance

Protection against Malware


Automating security

When businesses grow, they may transition to multi-cloud deployments, and in doing so may automate processes to maintain security at scale. Companies can use different tools to implement security controls and processes, including:

Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

Serverless Technologies such as Azure or Lamba functions

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) tools


Limited operational security

Cloud security comes with multiple challenges. The biggest operational challenges that companies face include:

Skills shortages: Lack of qualified staff is prevalent in the cyber security world. Organisations are struggling to fill the gaps in cloud security roles.

Meeting compliances can be challenging due to different regulations.

Misconfigurations identification: Every cloud platform has its own set of configuration settings. Many businesses operate with different cloud providers and it can be difficult to identify the wrong configuration and have this corrected before being exposed by hackers.


Cloud Compliance Challenges

Cloud compliances for cloud environments can be difficult to implement. Some challenges faced by companies include:

Cloud environment changes: It can be difficult to be consistent in compliance policies as the cloud environment can frequently change.

Complicated audits: Conducting a compliance audit in the cloud is difficult because of the limited access to its infrastructure. Risk assessments can also be intimidating when a service provider owns the cloud service framework.

Monitoring and managing vulnerabilities: Expanding cloud infrastructures can increase exposure to cyber-attacks. Monitoring cloud services for vulnerabilities is important as it can prevent data breaches.


Cloud security comes with multiple benefits but at a cost. Integration of cloud deployments is required when companies transition from an onsite premise environment to a cloud-based infrastructure.

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