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CCTV course

Symbiotics Ltd, providers of human performance consultancy for aviation, blue light services, transportation and defence, is to begin delivering its BTEC Level 4 CCTV training course internationally.

Originally developed to prepare UK police services for the CCTV during the London 2012 Olympics, this five day course addresses the knowledge and specialist image analysis skills required by law enforcement personnel with CCTV responsibilities. The course covers CCTV investigation and court procedural requirements, including the application of accurate and consistent scientific analysis. It encompasses the human factors that can affect the ability of operators to perform highly cognitive tasks, including the nature of the working environment, and how best to mitigate these effects.

The course is applicable for analysing and evaluating both post-event as well as live CCTV and can be delivered at the training facilities of any prospective client, the training firm adds.

Nikki Heath, Managing Director of Tewkesbury-based Symbiotics, said: “We developed this BTEC course in collaboration with some of the leading experts in the field and it has been proven to meet the stringent requirements of the Home Office for the training of UK police services. We’re delighted that we now have the opportunity to roll it out to a wider candidate base, particularly regional police forces worldwide.”



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