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AI talk

How can artificial intelligence help security managers and surveillance camera operators improve how live incidents are handled? Facial recognition and criminal behaviour are among the topics in a free online broadcast on March 16, from 1pm. Speaking are Dr Craig Donald, Professor James Ferryman and Tony Porter QPM LLB. A Q&A panel will feature the technology companies Genetec, Bosch Security & Safety Systems and Hanwha Techwin.

Tony Porter is the former Surveillance Camera Commissioner whose term of SCC recently ended and who has joined the facial recognition product company Corsight AI as its Chief Privacy Officer.

James Ferryman is Professor of Computational Vision at the University of Reading. He will discuss the computer analysis behind CCTV images, and the latest research into automatic visual surveillance of wide-area scenes, using computational vision. And on the human factors in security technology integration Dr Craig Donald, an organisational psychologist, with a specialism in crime behavioural analysis and detection, will speak. He says: “AI technology has the potential to support operators in making smarter decisions. However, as we move to world where cameras are capable of learning, then both the camera and the operator will need good teachers, to ensure they understand crime behaviour, strategy and dynamics.”

Managing Director of the organisers, consultancy Global MSC Security, Derek Maltby, says: “We are not talking about replacing operators, but enabling them to harness technology that is available right now to work smarter. Traditionally cameras have provided the lens through which operators observe, monitor and respond to behaviours and actions. However, technology such AI is placing intelligence in cameras and video management systems, enabling them to not only see, but understand, interpret and guide the operator on the appropriate course of action.”

For the Q&A panel the speakers will be joined by Christian Morin, Vice-President of Integrations & Cloud Services at Genetec. Bosch Security and Safety Systems will demonstrate how video analytics data and alerts can be optimised by machine learning to support operators with better situational awareness, and Hanwha Techwin that will explain how new technologies can enable operators to work smarter, not harder.

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