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Active shooters guidance

The international, US-based security management blody ASIS offers a resource-guide for security managers on active shooters. The two-page guide sets out reports, webinars and online courses, books and reports on the topic.


Take for instance the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard (2011).

The standard provides an overview of policies, processes, and protocols that organisations can adopt to help identify and prevent threatening behaviour and violence affecting the workplace, and to better address and resolve threats and violence that have actually occurred. This Standard describes the personnel within organisations who typically become involved in prevention and intervention efforts; outlines a proactive organisational approach to workplace violence focused on prevention and early intervention; and proposes ways in which an organization can better detect, investigate, manage, and – whenever possible – resolve behavior that has generated concerns for workplace safety from violence. The Standard also describes the implementation of a Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Program, and protocols for effective incident management and resolution.

ASIS members may download once for free; extra copies, and copies for non- members, are available for purchase. Visit


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