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Active shooter training course

Incidents involving armed attackers – active shooters – have been on the rise over recent years; from the US to India, Norway to France to Kenya.

Likely locations for attacks are increasingly ‘soft’ targets with relatively easy, unsecured access; these include commercial offices, public buildings and open spaces including public gatherings. While the likelihood of being caught up in such an incident is low, companies with employees based in urban centres or staff travelling internationally may looking to provide their staff with specialist training, says the risk and security consultancy Control Risks. It’s offering Active Shooter training, which the firm says can support an employer’s duty of care.

Control Risks’ active shooter training course is accessed by e-learning, touching on workplace violence, terrorist attacks, and crisis management. It aims to raise an individual’s situational awareness, provide guidance on identification of potential perpetrators and how to respond in the event of an incident occurring.

David Graeme, Director of Training at Control Risks, said: “With an increasingly globalised workforce, with staff working and travelling on business internationally,many employers are looking at ways to ensure they keep their people safe, including their non-travelling staff who may be just as at risk from such an attack in their home city. Planning and preparedness can make a real difference to the outcome of an active shooter attack, both in terms of helping save lives as well as minimising the number of casualties. Given the unpredictable and fast moving nature of this type of incident, prevention is very difficult but through appropriate, expert training, individuals will be better equipped to react quickly to protect themselves and their colleagues.”



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